Custom Thruster – 500 Swing Retracting Hydraulic Thruster

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Lewmar Thrusters

Swing retracting thrusters are ideal for higher performance sailing yachts, and fast planing or semi-displacement hulls. With the thruster in a raised position it offers a completely fair hull section causing minimum drag. Lewmar has now introduced a completely new and simple design, which is a logical step forward from the current successful range.
This design is in keeping with Lewmar’s environmental concerns and has no hydraulic motors or hoses in the water. Unlike many manufacturers, all of this componentry is housed inside the hull, preventing pollution in the event of an oil leak.

The swing thruster has a lower height than the vertical retracting models, and so can be mounted further forward in the vessel without additional space intrusion into the forepeak. This means that there will be enhanced thrust performance from a lesser power input, making an extremely efficient unit.

The swing thruster is raised and lowered by the use of a hydraulic motor which rotates a lead screw. This provides a positive lock in the raised and lowered positions. It also provides a manual override in the event of a power loss, or for cleaning and servicing whilst hauled out. The thrust figures have been tested and verified after comprehensive analysis in a 100M laboratory test tank facility.

500 Swing

Hub Aluminium
Power (kW) 56
Tunnel size (mm) 500
Weight (kg) 230
Thrust(kgf) 750
Manufacturer Lewmar


A 154.5mm
B 58mm
C 418mm
D 1174.6mm
E 516mm
F 285mm
G 480mm
H 160mm
I 115.6mm
J 340mm
K 590mm
L 1255mm