The efficient stern thruster for boats with twin stern drives.

The trend in stern thrusters is fitted units for boats with twin stern drives. With a conventional stern thruster installation the waterflow from the thruster can hit the drives and severely reduce the thrust. Side-Power now offers a complete externally mounted unit with a tunnel and hydrodynamic cowls that divert the water past the drives. This stern thruster option can also be the best choice for boats without stern drives, if the inside configuration of the boat's stern makes a standard thruster installation impractical.
Side-Power now offers a complete external stern thruster assembly, specially designed for installation on boats with twin stern drives. It utilizes special cowls to enable good performance by diverting the water flow past the stern drive legs, which normally blocks the waterflow and the thrust.

The units come pre-assembled, wired and sealed in the waterproof box, and only require a small hole into the boat’s transom to attach the power and control cables. The cable connection points are fully sealed, so that it is Ignition Protected and can be installed in petrol powered boats.

This stern thruster option can also be the best choice for boats without stern drives, if the inside configuration of the boat’s stern makes a standard thruster installation impractical.

Also available in PRO versions with DC speed control.

Side Power SR Series Retractable Thrusters

Retractable thrusters are excellent for use as bow or stern thrusters in boats with shallow or flat bottomed hulls, or where a tunnel opening in the hull at all is not desirable. Designed in true Side-Power spirit with reliability and durability as main factors, they are exceptionally sturdy and compact with the same high performance as all other Side-Power thrusters. Unique advantages by use of the latest technology including our S-link intelligent bus control provides a further benefit in use and control for the operator. Available also as speed control versions with the designation SRP

For boats that cannot fit a tunnel thruster or do not wish to have an external thruster under the boat, then a retractable thruster is the solution. Side-Power have designed a product range that is focused on practical sturdiness, uncompromised safety and quick deployment.

The retracting thrusters are generally built with the same high safety standards as all Side-Power products, and incorporate the important benefits introduced with the SE series thrusters. Our focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

There are three versions of the retractable thrusters, one model design for direct mold-in, and two designed to be mounted on a flange. The flange can be a mold-in base from Side-Power, or the boat builders can manufacture their own base in materials suited for their hulls or as part of their basic hull design.

The flange mounted models have thruster unit in a casing that will be bolted to a base. This allows for easier installation in hulls made from different materials, as well as in series production where you do not need to mix laminating and engineering type jobs.

Some boat builders that have chosen retractable Side-Power thrusters: Arcona, Hallberg-Rassy, Malö, Najad, Amel og Oyster.

Side Power IP versions for Demanding Environments

The IP – ignition protected – versions are equipped with a hermetically sealed cover around the motor and switch gear. This means that it is safe to use in gasoline boats or other areas where there is a risk of explosive fumes as well as excellent for installation in wet areas (not for submerged installation). Can be used for both bow or stern applications. Most models in both the SE and SEP series are available in IP versions.

IP - Ignition Protected
Sleipner Motor offers a variety of Side-Power thrusters in a gas- and watertight version. This is the second generation with more upgrades and a larger range of models. The IP versions has all the benefits and proven reliability as the SE series.

To provide reliable and safe thruster installations in more boats, we offer modified versions of our DC electric thrusters in watertight housings for use in stern and other locations that may get wet or be exposed to gasoline fumes. These thrusters are fully ignition protected (ISO 8846) for use in boats with gasoline engines.

They have a hermetically sealed composite housing around all electric parts. This provides the ignition protection as no gasoline fumes can enter and be ignited by sparks.

The other advantage is that the electric parts that could be damaged by water are also covered and protected, making these thrusters the ideal choice for other stern thruster installations where it is difficult to ensure that the thruster will always remain dry.

• Certified to ISO 8846 Ignition Protected standards.

• Water proof (Not for submerged mounting)

• Tinned plated brass terminals

• Manufactured, tested and delivered as a ready sealed unit, ensuring that the installer does not have to fit any other parts that can jeopardize the hermetical seal.

• Supplied with plug and go control cable.

• Ignition protected housing can be opened and thereby retains serviceability of components inside the enclosure.

• Available as SEP-IP versions with DC Speed Control.

Side Power SE Series

The standard Side-Power bow and stern thruster series are the base for an extensive range of DC electric thrusters. They are fitted in a tunnel through the bow, or into stern tunnels to use as stern thrusters. The electric motors, solenoids, patented IPC control system and the mechanical parts of the propulsion system are all totally custom designed and built, utilizing the extensive experience gained through years of leadership in the global thruster market.

The first Side-Power thruster was developed in 1985 and today's tunnel thrusters are a result of almost 30 years of development. As the main Sleipner product, it has been continually developed and improved over the years.   Many of the world’s leading boat builders choose Side-Power for their fine vessels.

Side-Power has always been at the forefront of thruster innovation and today's SE series thrusters has a series of patented safety solutions.  It is hard to find a more sturdy and proven construction than the SE series.

Side-Power tunnel thrusters can be installed as bow and/or stern thrusters and are delivered in both a standard and a PRO version. The PRO version are equipped with a DC speed control, which gives you full proportional control of the thruster. If you plan to install both bow and stern thruster, the system offers the unique Hold-function which pin the boat to the pier while docking.