Lewmar Thruster Product Range

Great care and attention to detail goes into the design and manufacture of every Lewmar thruster. High performance, ease-of-use and reliability are our priorities. In order to achieve that, every thruster we make includes the features below. If you choose a Lewmar thruster, one thing is certain; you need never worry about a tricky docking manoeuvre again.

Maneuvering around the dock area can be difficult, but Lewmar’s TT Thrusters make docking simple.
The revolutionary design of the TT propeller – the latest in Lewmar’s long history of custom thruster solutions – achieves perfectly even thrust in both directions for maximum control and maneuverability.
All Lewmar Thrusters have been extensively tested, resulting in a smooth, efficient and quiet performance that will have you docking like a pro in no time.

TT Electric Thruster


  • Available from 1.5kW to 15kW (20HP)
  • High performance 5-blade propellers give equal thrust in both directions
  • No reservoir to install, no leaks, and low maintenance
  • Complete range of TT Electric Thruster accessories available

Swing Retracting Thruster

  • Electronic box with waterproof connectors
  • Strong actuator with safety shear pin for rapid deployment
  • Corrosion resistant injection molded hinge mechanism incorporating a Teflon coated ring seal system providing multiple sealing surfaces and zero maintenance.
  • Customized boat-specific flange versions available for volume requirement
  • Conversion box available allowing a swing stern thruster to be integrated with a Lewmar tunnel thruster.

Hydraulic Thruster

  • Enables significant flexibility of vessel movement
  • Increases the thrust over appropriate DC Electric version
  • 250 and 300 models available with bronze or aluminum hub

Custom Thrusters

  • Ideal for sail or power vessels up to 150 feet
  • Unique Swing and Vertical Retracting
  • Hydraulic Thruster offers a completely fair hull sectionAvailable with bronze or aluminum legs