CT165 Electric Tunnel Thruster

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Max-Power Thrusters

CT165 Electric Tunnel Thruster

The 24V CT165 is ideally suited to motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts ranging from 40’-62’. Manufactured using composite materials, this model has twin propellers, a 250mm diameter tunnel and a thrust rating up to 160/352 (kg/lbs).

This model integrates all the unique features of the Max Power electric tunnel thrusters range, ensuring a long and maintenance free lifespan.

* Thrusters are designed to run at 10.75V on 12V units and 22V on 24V units. Higher voltages will result in higher thrust ratings, higher power consumption, and a reduced duty cycle.
* Performance data is given for a thruster installed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter, in a tunnel no longer than twice the tunnel’s diameter, and this within a variation of / – 6%. Longer tunnels will result in lower thrust ratings and higher power consumption.


Voltage 24V
Thrust (kg/Ibs)**: 160 / 353
Power (kw/hp): 11.88 / 15.9
Weight (kg): 36
Propellers: Duo
Manufacturer Max-Power


A 210 mm
B 140 mm
C 275 mm
D 185 mm
E 6 to 7