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Mermaid Marine Air

Plastic Adapter and Hose Y Splitters

Here you will find ADAPTERand HOSE “Y” air splitters.  Similar to the Adapter and Hose “T” splitters, the “Y” splitters come in various sizes.  Remember,ADAPTER splitters are designed to work in conjuction with the air output collar on the unit itself (splitter placed directly on the unit).  The HOSEsplitters are designed to accept ducting on all three ports.

ADAPTER and HOSE Y air splitters are a preferred choice over the T fittings.  Not that the T fittings will not work, however, airflow chooses the path of least resistence and a Y fitting creates more of an even flow of air.  They are sized the same way as the T fittings.


AY664 – Adapter Y – 6″ ON the air output collar.  6″ duct one direction, 6″ duct another direction.

Example #2:

HY644 – Hose Y – 6″ incoming duct (main), 4″ duct one direction, 4″ duct another direction.