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Mermaid Marine Air

Marine Application Sea Water Pumps


Mermaid’s standard marine pump is designed to operate in either salt water or fresh water applications.

Each Mermaid unit ranges from a MINIMUM of 250 GPH to a MAXIMUM of 550 GPH.  Please stay within these parameters based on overall length of hose and any vertical lift the pump may have to encounter.  Failure to comply will void ALL warranties on the pump and air conditioning unit.

Mermaid’s standard pump is the LITTLE GIANT PUMP  as seen in the photo.

Mermaid’s standard pump, the Little Giant 1P323, is designed for single unit applications @ 500 Gallons per Hour to be used with no more than a six foot vertical lift and no more than 15 feet of overall hose.  This pump can be used for all Mermaid units.

Keep in mind, each unit needs a MINIMUM of 250 GPH and a MAXIMUMof 550 GPH.  Vertical lift and overall hose do play a factor in the GPH at the unit.  Every 10ft of hose is equivalent to a one foot vertical lift.  NOTE: IF THIS PUMP IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH FOR YOUR APPLICATION, OTHER PUMPS ARE AVAILABLE

LITTLE GIANT PUMP: Compact Submersible Pump 115V
Power Rating 1/15 HP
Equivalent Pressure 7.5 PSI
Maximum Head 17.3 Feet
FNPT Inlet 1/2 Inch
MNPT Outlet 1/2 Inch
Full Load Amps 3.2