stabilizer model 420

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The NAIAD Model 420 Fin Actuator Assembly is designed for efficiency, power and rugged reliability. It is supplied completely factory tested under pressure, assembled and ready for installation including all required hardware and fittings. Unlike other systems, no disassembly is required for installation. NAIAD Fin Actuator Assemblies are recognized the world over as the industry standard for excellence.


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Standard Fin Sizes: 9.0 sq.ft. (0.84 sq.m), 12.0 sq.ft. (1.12sq.m), 16.0 sq.ft. (1.49 sq.m), 19.0 sq.ft. (1.77 sq.m), 22.0 sq.ft. (2.04 sq.m)
Fin Attachment:  Precision machined oversized self-locking taper.
Main Shaft:  4.0 in. dia. (101.6 mm) heat-treated and passivated stainless steel.
Fin Actuator Housing Material:  High-strength ductile iron; 2.5 times stronger per square inch than aluminum.
Upper AND Lower Bearing: Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings by a leading manufacturer such as Timken (TM).
Lower Seal:  Two double-lip seals for maximum seawater protection. Easily accessible in a 316 stainless steel retainer.
Upper Seal:  Double-lip, spring-loaded seal for grease retention. The double-lip design also provides protection of the fin actuator against external contaminants.
Lubrication:  Pre-packed with high quality Lubriplate (TM) water-resistant grease for lifetime maintenance-free service.
Hydraulic Connections:  SAE O-ring ports and (JIC) 37° flare fittings (not pipe fittings) for leak-free service.
Hydraulic Cylinder:  Custom engineered for NAIAD stabilizer applications in collaboration with a world leading cylinder manufacturer. Double acting twin cylinder arrangement. Steel body construction with high strength tie rods for heavy-duty service. Self-regulating shock reducing cushions.
Cylinder Mounting:  Head Trunnion mount allows most compact Fin Actuator design. Trunnion freely pivots in dual high capacity roller bearing assembly.
Maximum Working Pressure: 
Cylinder Bore Diameter:  2.00 in. (50.8 mm), 2.50 in. (63.5mm)
Rod Diameter:  1.38 in. (35.1 mm)
Rod End:  Custom machined alloy steel rod end with heavy duty axial roller bearing (not a bushing), greased and sealed for lifetime service.
Rod End Pins:  Through-hardened, ground and passivated stainless steel.
Torque Arm:  Cast and heat-treated ductile iron, cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. Honed bore for precise Rod End Pin fit.
Shaft-Torque Arm Connection:  Oversized clamped precision spline for maximum torque capability.
Overall Weight: 
Overall Dimensions:  See dimensional drawing.
Fit & Finish Throughout:  High ‘yacht’ quality, painted, plated and polished.


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