Fold Over Telescoping Gangway

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The folding passerelle is available in deployed lengths from five-meters to over ten-meters de-pending upon the vessel’s boarding requirements. Include our unique self-leveling final boarding platform or a self-leveling stairway built into the folding plank section and the folding-type passerelle may be the most versatile boarding system available.

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The fold-over passerelle provides a unique solution for vessel designs with limited stowage space or requirements for enhanced deployment length. The folding design provides the greatest efficiency in the stowed:deployed ratio. This ratio is further enhanced when the folding plank sec-tion includes an additional telescoping plank section. The passerelle folds in a “stacked” fashion when stowed.

The Nautical Structures’ unique folding design opens into a rigid ‘locked’ position, providing a boarding experience with very minimal deflection and bounce while in the self-support mode. The folding plank design deploys with both plank sections aligned eliminating the “step” found in all multi-section telescoping planks; a greatly enhanced appearance with additional safety by eliminating potential trip-points along the plank. This design is also ideal for passerelles configured to accommodate a wheelchair. Nautical Structures’ hydraulic self-centering, slew-lock and float functions are standard features incorporated into the design of the folding-type passerelle, eliminating the need for electric limit/proximity switches. This provides long-term reliable performance in a wet marine environment with reduced maintenance requirements.