SE210 Twin Props Tunnel Thruster

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SE210 Tunnel thruster, 24V
462 lbs. thrust ON/OFF

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Side Power Thrusters

Side-Power SE210/250TC Thruster, 24V

The SE210 twin props tunnel thruster is designed for yachts from 55-78′ loa.  It’s large, 13.15HP motor and robust gearing generate from 462 (@ 21V) to 550 lb (@ 24V) of thrust – all in only a 10″ tunnel diameter.  The SE210/250TC thruster is specially built to give a maximum thrust in a minimum diameter. It is the perfect choice for sailboats or as an upgrade thruster model for boats were the SE170/250TC is standard so that you can use the boat’s “standard” tunnel size. The SE210/250TC will also be the most powerful choice for older boats with a 250 mm tunnel and a thruster which is to small from the time when these powerful DC thrusters were not available.  Like all other Sidepower units, it is loaded with safety features and has a wide range of accessories available to customize any installation to each owner’s individual requirements.


Thrust @ 21VDC 462 lb (210 kg)
Thrust @ 24VDC 550 lb (250 kg)
Approx. Boat Size 55-78′ (17-24 m)
Tunnel Diameter 9.8″ (250 mm)
Propulsion System Twin Counter rotating
Power @ 21V 13.2hp (10kw)
Voltage 24VDC
Minimum Battery Capacity 1330 CCA SAE
Recommended Fuse Size 500 Amp (SMANL500)
Manufacturer Side-Power
Min Depth to Top of Tunnel 7.40″ (188mm)
Min Depth to Center of Tunnel 14.76″ (375mm)