SR80 Retractable Thruster

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SR80 Retractable thruster, 12V -176 lbs thrust ON/OFF

SR80 Retractable thruster, 24V -176 lb. thrust ON/OFF

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Side-Power Thrusters

SR80/185T Retracting Thruster Kit, 12V & 24V, 185mm

Side-Power’s SR80 Retractable Thruster can be installed as a bow or stern thruster, allowing improved control of the vessel. The DC powered thruster is designed to maximize thrust while minimizing amp draw. Featuring 5-bladed skew back twin rotating propellers, it is purpose designed for the 185mm tunnel. The SR80/185T is one part of a complete Side-Power thruster system, including tunnel, controls, cables, fuses and battery switches.

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Thrust @ 10.5VDC 176 lbs (80 kg)
Thrust @ 12VDC 212 lbs (96 kg)
Typical Boat Size 35-48′ (10-15 m)
Tunnel Diameter (I.D.) 7.3″ (185 mm)
Propulsion System Twin
Power @ 10.5VDC 7.6 hp (5.6 kw)
Voltage 12VDC
Minimum Battery Capacity 1045 CCA SAE
Recommended Fuse Size 500 Amps (SMANL500)
Manufacturer Side-Power
Thrust @ 10.5VDC 176 lbs (80 kg)
Thrust @ 12VDC 212 lbs (96 kg)
Typical Boat Size 35-48′ (10-15 m)
Tunnel Diameter (I.D.) 7.3″ (185 mm)
Propulsion System Twin
Power @ 21VDC 7.6 hp (5.6 kw)
Voltage 24VDC
Minimum Battery Capacity 570 CCA SAE
Recommended Fuse Size 250 Amps (SMANL250)
Manufacturer Side-Power

Features & Benefits

  • Plug and Play S-Link two-way communication control system
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fast deployment time
  • Easy to use control panel (SM8700) with status feedback from thruster (sold separately)
  • Hatch deploys straight out of hull for minimal cutout gaps, creating minimal drag when thruster is retracted
  • Pressure sensor on door automatically retracts thruster when boat speed is too high
  • Thruster lock out: thruster is disabled when fully or partially retracted


  • Propulsion technology know-how maximizing amount of thrust from the system
  • Lightweight composite propellers reduce work needed to get up to speed and stop rotation
  • Streamlined gear housing reducing turbulence in the tunnel and maximizing flow


  • Compact sized units to reduce the amount of interior volume needed
  • Simple Plug and Play wiring
  • Easily accessible battery terminals
  • Fast and safe propeller mounting with lock nut
  • GRP and composite bolt-on stern thruster tunnel kits pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • Easy access zinc anodes allowing quick and simple changing
  • Sealed gearleg so no messy oil fill-ups needed during installation

Safety and Reliability

  • Overheat thermal switch on electric motor stops operation, preventing damage to the electric motor
  • Mechanical protection of drive gear through flexible coupling between gearleg and motor
  • Self-locking high pressure contacts extend solenoid life and improve current conduction
  • Extra insulation to help prevent wear and heat damage of internal wiring
  • Non-conductive and self-extinguishing solenoid covers
  • Control panels have child-safe on system and timed shut down from last use
  • 2 Year limited warranty