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VETUS bow thruster with 285 kgf thrust force, suitable for boats from 22 to 29 metres in length. 48 Volt version.

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Advantages of VETUS bow thrusters

    • A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel
    • The VETUS unique propeller blade design minimises cavitation noise
    • Spiral gears minimise transmission noise
    • The use of a flexible coupling between tail piece and motor eliminates vibration
    • All VETUS systems use a streamlined tail piece for optimum flow
    • A strong synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight
    • Systems are easy to install, supplied with clear installation and operation instructions
    • VETUS systems use a new line of high quality aluminium control panels which are interchangeable with older panels
    • All VETUS manoeuvring systems meet the EMC requirements


  • Voltage : 48 Volt DC




Voltage (V) 48 V DC
Ignition protection No
Thrust (N / kgf) 2850 / 285
Power (kW) 16
Motor, reversible D.C. Yes
Internal tunnel diameter (mm) 300
Weight (kg) 68
Current consumption (A) 560
Continuous operating time (min) 2,5
Max. operating time (minutes) 2,5
Main fuse “slow blow” (A) 355
Batteries 12 V, min./max. Ah 4×145 / 8×120
Battery cables, length pos./neg. cables (m/mm²) 0-23 / 95
Battery main switch: model BATSW / type BPMAIN 600
Manufacturer Vetus

Size A in mm, see drawing 247
Size B in mm, see drawing 627
Size C in mm, see drawing 136
Size D min./max. in mm, see drawing 600 / 1200
Size E in mm, see drawing 258
Size F, diameter in mm, see drawing 212
Size G min. in mm, see drawing 300
Size H, diameter in mm, see drawing 300
Manufacturer Vetus