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VETUS bow thruster with 60 kgf thrust force, suitable for boats from 9 to 13 metres in length. 24 Volt version.

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Advantages of VETUS bow thrusters

  • A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel
  • The VETUS unique propeller blade design minimises cavitation noise
  • Spiral gears minimise transmission noise
  • The use of a flexible coupling between tail piece and motor eliminates vibration
  • All VETUS systems use a streamlined tail piece for optimum flow
  • A strong synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight
  • Systems are easy to install, supplied with clear installation and operation instructions
  • VETUS systems use a new line of high quality aluminium control panels which are interchangeable with older panels
  • All VETUS manoeuvring systems meet the EMC requirements


Voltage (V) 24 V DC
Ignition protection No
Thrust (N / kgf) 700/70
Power (kW) 3
Motor, reversible D.C. Yes
Internal tunnel diameter (mm) 185
Weight (kg) 22
Current consumption (A) 140
Continuous operating time (min) 5
Max. operating time (minutes) 5
Main fuse “slow blow” (A) 100
Batteries 12 V, min./max. Ah 2 x 55 – 2 x 70
Battery cables, length pos./neg. cables (m/mm²) 0-11 / 50
Battery main switch: model BATSW / type BPMAIN 250/24
Manufacturer Vetus

Size A in mm, see drawing 143,5
Size B in mm, see drawing 397
Size C in mm, see drawing 77
Size D min./max. in mm, see drawing 370 / 740
Size E in mm, see drawing 160
Size F, diameter in mm, see drawing 130
Size G min. in mm, see drawing 185
Size H, diameter in mm, see drawing 185
Manufacturer Vetus