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VIP 150 HYD Hydraulic retractable thruster

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Max-Power Thrusters

VIP 150 HYD Hydraulic retractable thruster

Built for the growing 55-75’ compact super yacht sector: the hydraulic retractable thruster VIP 150 HYD has an ingenious design, allowing a light, powerful retractable thruster to be built to a competitive price.

*Performance data is given for a thruster deployed at one tunnel diameter immersion depth, and this within a variation of / – 6%.

VIP 150 HYD-317702

Voltage*: 12V
Max. thrust (kg/lbs)*: 120/264
Weight (kg): 28
Propellers: Duo
Hydraulic power (kw): 10
Manufacturer Max-Power


A 290 mm
B 290 mm
C 580 mm
D 185 mm
E 810
F 240