ABT-TRAC Thruster Certified Service Technicians

State Of The Art Maneuvering Propulsion

Dock Your Boat With Confidence!

You need the power to maneuver your boat at the dock safely with a professionally installed Bow & Stern Thruster.   We are an Authorized Dealer for thruster systems by ABT-TRAC for propelling, maneuvering, mooring and positioning your boat with ease.  EC Ruff Marine Thruster Service and Installation will get you the performance you need to dock your boat like a pro!

ABT-TRAC Authorized Dealer

EC Ruff Marine is an Authorized Dealer and Certified Service Center for ABT-TRAC Bow & Stern Thrusters among other manufacturers.  We are able to compare ABT-TRAC Bow Thruster product features with a wide variety of makes, and models to determine the best bow to stern thruster package suited for the size of your boat and budget.

ABT-TRAC Installation

Our service professionals specialize in After Market Installation and retrofit of ABT-TRAC Bow & Stern Thrusters.  We provide expert guidance to determine the thruster size, proper positioning and selecting an ideal thruster option for your boat. Certified Service Technicians will skillfully position your bow thruster or stern thruster in transverse direction of the hull.  The tunnel structures can be executed in Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass depending on vessel hull material. Our experts will ensure your Tunnel Thruster is installed with integrity.

For Easy Docking in crowded marinas and with sufficient power to hold typical opposing tide conditions in your area, let EC Ruff Marine Thruster Exerts assist you with the Thruster Kit that is right for you!

ABT-TRAC Marine Products

ABT-TRAC Marine Products offer 12v & 24v DC, AC & Hydraulic Bow Thrusters

The ABT-TRAC Bow Thruster Complete Kit Installation includes; the thruster unit, tunnel, joystick control, control cable harness, kill-switch, fuse and fuse holder.

The ABT-TRAC Stern Thruster Complete Kit installation includes the thruster motor, stern tunnel, wing or cowl for stern tunnel, deflector, stainless steel through bolts, 5200, joystick control, control cable harness, kill-switch, fuse and fuse holder.

Find a complete list of ABT-TRAC Products sold by Authorized Dealer EC Ruff Marine HERE

ABT-TRAC Certified Service Center

We service all ABT-TRAC Marine Products.  At EC Ruff Marine we offer 24 Hour Service and Mobile Service on ABT-TRAC Thrusters.  Our expert crew of service professionals will travel to your boat yard or marina to diagnose and service your ABT-TRAC thruster.  As an authorized dealer of ABT-TRAC Thruster Parts, we offer years of expertise, knowledge, prompt and professional service.

For outstanding professional service and competitive pricing, contact EC Ruff Marine your Authorized Dealer and Certified Service Center for ABT-TRAC Marine Systems.