Max Power Stern Thruster Complete Kit

EC Ruff Marine offers Complete Kit Installation of Max Power Tunnel and Retractable Thrusters.  

Max Power is an elite manufacturing corporation of Boat Thrusters.

Bow thrusters and stern thrusters have become a necessity even for the most skilled boatsman. Marinas have become overcrowded and docking manoeuvres cannot be applied easily and for that reason, the chances of damaging your boat have increased substantially. 

In order to gain total manoeuvring  control of your boat, Max Power offers a wide variety of bow thrusters and stern thrusters, which are divided in two main thruster categories, Tunnel ThrustersRetractable Thrusters and Thruster Accessories.

Max Power bow & stern thrusters, are the top choice by many prestigious boat builders worldwide, for their optimal performance, build quality, longevity and design.

Tunnel Thrusters


Tunnel bow thrusters are highly cost effective and easy to fit on many boat types. When installed at the correct immersion depth and using the shortest tunnel length possible, tunnel thrusters offer an ideal solution for motor boats and even deep-footed sailing yachts when sailing performance is not paramount.

Max Power's full range of tunnel thrusters offer a wide choice of power outputs and 4 different sized tunnels to suit boats from 17 to 85 feet.

Retractable Bow Thrusters

Retractable bow thrusters are easily installed far forward in the bow whilst still achieving the required immersion depths, even in today’s modern performance sailing yachts.
This results in a thruster that has a good turning effect on the boat, often even allowing a unit with a lower thrust rating than its tunnel equivalent to be used with excellent results.

When retracted these units have no affect on the boat’s drag and therefore do not reduce sailing performance in light winds.

Furthermore, retractable thruster minimize loss of buoyancy. The weight of water in a tunnel thruster’s tube is an often neglected factor that can affect the boat’s performance. Retractable bow thrusters minimise this problem as the retractable thruster’s box only partially fills with water.