Custom Thruster – 500 Short Vertical Retracting Thruster Hydraulic

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Lewmar Thrusters

Lewmar has continued development of its Custom Thruster range started in 1983 with the introduction of the VRTT series. The VRTT utilises the advances gained with the successful TT range, to give the most rugged and powerful range of retracting thrusters on the market. The addition of the VRTT range enables Lewmar to supply a retracting Thruster for vessel from 43ft(13m) up to 150ft (45m).

Vertical Retracting Thrusters give ultimate control without having to compromise hull performance. When not in use the Thruster retracts into the hull leaving a clean line, so there is no drag. The 300 VRTT Hydraulic is capable of developing more than 30HP and as Retracting Thrusters not only give better immersion but also can be mounted further forward they will give better performance per HP than a standard tunnel Thruster. Lewmar understands the importance of pollution and the environment so all motors are housed inside the hull, to minimise leaks. All the vertical retractors have a manual raise lower mechanism for use in the event of power failure or for cleaning and antifouling.


Hub Aluminium
Power (kW) 45-56
Tunnel size (mm) 500
Weight (kg) 310
Thrust(kgf) 750
Manufacturer Lewmar