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The commercial pedigree of NAIAD Right Angle Thrusters provides a robust, high strength thruster resulting in years of trouble-free performance. The Model 20 is typically specified for vessels from 90-130ft (27-40m) in length. Available in aluminum for aluminum hulls, and in stainless steel for all other hull materials. Easily configured for either hydraulic or AC electric drive to suit the needs of any application.

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Drive Motor: Both hydraulic and electric motors are available:

Hydraulic: High power density, axial piston type hydraulic motor. Efficient in both closed and open loop configurations.

Electric: High quality, three phase, TEFC electric motor, 50 or 60 Hz.

Gearbox:  Right angle drive, match-ground spiral bevel gears, rigid three bearing propeller shaft configuration.
Housing:  Cast stainless steel or aluminum to suit all hull materials, CNC precision machined.
Seal Assembly:  Separate seal housing can be removed without disturbing propeller shaft assembly.
Lubrication: Positive pressure in gear housing ensures against contamination.
Propeller: Balanced and polished four blade, Kaplan style propeller, bronze, or seven blade highly-skewed propeller, stainless.
Tunnel: 20 inch (508 mm) nominal diameter GRP, Aluminum, or Steel. Available with Classification Society approval.
Control Options: – On / Off
– On / Off with soft start
– Fully proportional electronic controlNumerous operating (joystick) control station capability.
Audible and visual indicators.
Power Thrust:  80 HP (60 kW) at shaft developing 1855 pounds (8.26kN) of thrust*.

* Nominal thrust. Actual thrust will vary with tunnel length, depth or submersion and other installation variables.

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