Hydraulic Mini Crane Series 2

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Hydraulic Mini Crane Series 2

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HMC Series 2  1100/1700lb (499/771kg)   120in (274-376cm)

An exceptionally low-profile boom perfect for the Sportfish yacht.

10ft (3m) long boom capable of being fully loaded to its safe working load capacity in any position without restriction.

Features our silent operating Hydraulic Linear Winch system, a totally non-fouling winch design.

Powered by a remotely mounted one-horsepower hydraulic power unit for performance and hidden from the conditions.

Aluminum hydraulic cylinders with internal safety locking valves accuate each function for unsurpassed corrosion resistance, dependability and reduced weight.

Sealed steel bearings permit smooth manual rotation.

A through-deck standpipe is the standard mounting structure for stability and performance. An optional pedestal base mount may also be used in some applications.

An optional hydraulic power rotating standpipe may be selected for enhanced control and ease of operation.

System is finished to Nautical Structures highest level of quality, wash primed, exposed welds are faired, 2-part high build primed again, then two top coats of 2-part urethane paint are applied. Our standard colors are Matterhorn white, Off White and Snow White. All other colors are special order and quoted upon request.

Davit is assembled and tested prior to shipment.

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