Jack Knife gangway

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The passerelle rotates starboard in a Jack-Knife movement and stows behind the transom hatch . When the hatch is closed the name of the vessel is visible.

Rugged aluminum alloy construction and attention to the finer details is what differentiates the Nautical Structures passerelle from that of other manufacturers. The exceptional quality and value of your vessel has now extended all the way to the dock as the passerelle is typically the primary entranceway onto your yacht.

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Quality features include: Watertight enclosure fabricated in either steel or aluminum alloy, Self-Propelled Deployment, without the use of belts or gears, hydraulic luffing and slew-ing, the ability to self-support its weight above the dock while passengers are boarding with very minimal deflection, mandrel-bent Hoop-Style stainless steel handrails, traditional seamed teak walking surfaces LED light-ing hand-laid into the teak, wireless remote control, call-bell/intercom/security system, hydraulic automation including self-support and float-feature, and automated hydraulic transom door. The float feature allows the passerelle to be deployed onto the dock with the benefit of dock-wheels the passerelle is capable of moving with the tide and with the vessel on its spring-lines.

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