TeleFlex Steering Helm heavy duty

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Heavy Duty helms combine one or two bi-directional axial piston pumps with pilot check and make-up check valving. The result is a helm that prevents rudder feedback, is very efficient (even at low RPM), and is immediately adaptable to multi-station use. A wide choice of helm displacements and cylinder configurations make it easy to design systems for a variety of large boat performance requirements.

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  • Horsepower: Configurable for applications from 450-1500hp
  • Boat Types: Planing hulls to 70′; Displacement hulls to 70′; Sailboats to 65′
  • Helm: Choice of H-21, H-25, H-26, H-42-04 models; Other models by Special Order
  • Turns Lock-to-Lock: Depends on steering cylinder size
  • Steering Wheel: Accepts most (Minimum 18″dia.)
  • Steering Wheel Shaft: 1″ or 3/4″ straight or tapered, depending on model