Side-Power SEP80/185T-1IP, 12V, Twin Props Thruster

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Side-Power SEP80/185T-1IP Proportional Speed Control DC Thruster, 12V, Ignition Protected, Twin 5-blade Props, Sealed Gearleg, 185mm

Side-Power’s new range of proportional speed control DC thrusters allow you to select the power you need for precise boat movements in any weather and sea conditions.  The unique “hold” feature allows you to keep the boat in position at dock or in locks.  This IP version is for use in gasoline engine boats or in applications where the splash proof/humidity proof motor enclosure is preferred.


Other items to consider when purchasing a new thruster:

  • Bow Tunnel or Stern Tunnel
  • Control Panels and Accessories
  • Remote Controls
  • Manual Battery Switch and Fuse & Fuseholder
  • S-Link Control Cabling

Upgrade Kit for existing thrusters:  SMPPC800


Thrust @ 12VDC 212 lbs (96 kg)
Thrust @ 10.5VDC 176 lbs (80 kg)
Typical Boat Size 35-48′ (10-15 m)
Tunnel Diameter 7.28 (185 mm)
Propulsion System Twin
Voltage 12VDC
Power @21V 6 hp (4.4 kw)
Minimum Battery Capacity 1045 CCA SAE
Recommended Fuse Size 400 Amp (SMANL400)
Min Depth to Top of Tunnel 3.66″ (93mm)
Min Depth to Center of Tunnel 7.28″ (185mm)
Manufacturer Side-Power